The Artists

Leon van den Eijkel

The brains behind the Smiling Windmills at the Kennedy Good Bridge.

Guy Ngan

A long-time resident of Stokes Valley.

David McGill

The designer of Stele:Seal.

Mia Hamilton

Mia Hamilton is passionate about knitted works.

Duncan Sargent

A puzzler of an artist.

Aiko Groot

A towering sculpture, Cube4 is designed by Aiko Groot.

Lucy Bucknell

Lucy Bucknell worries about 'big' issues, like climate change.

Barry Te Whetu & Sonny Davis

The Griffins factory grind-stones have been re-purposed.

Ronnie van Hout

Fallen Robot didn't actually 'fall' outside the Dowse Gallery - rather it was carefully placed.